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The post wherein I nitpick the nomenclature of the abortion debate:

Let’s all stop using the term “pro-life”. Let’s evict it from the abortion conversation altogether.

We’re all “pro life”, aren’t we? Where pro loosely means “for”, I’d say the large majority of rational adults are … pro life. We’re for life. I’m for life. We want people to be born. We want people to be healthy, and loved, and wanted. If the conversation moves beyond the fetal, life is this whole big thing we’re living, full of love and learning and challenge and sorrow and joy. I’m so totally pro all that.

When you stick “pro” in front of “life”, the inverse becomes anti-life. But that’s not what we are.

We’re pro-choice.

The inverse of that is anti-choice. That’s what we should use.

The debate is not, for us, about life. It’s about choice, and the right of choice.

So do me a solid and get “pro-life” outa there. Let’s call it what it is: anti-choice.