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I’m a writer, native New Yorker, creative person, and employer of the oxford comma. I  blog about whatever blows my skirt up.

This blog began with an interest in covering Occupy in its infancy, and issues related to the movement. My goal was to take complicated and misrepresented issues, iron them out, and make them accessible.

In the autumn of 2011, there were so many who identified with the general sentiments of the movement, and wanted to find ways to support it on their own terms. I sincerely hope my thoughts on the topic were helpful at the time.

2012-10-01 17.58.51I’ve since branched out a bit. Some of my posts are political. Some are personal. All are distinctly my point of view on issues that tend to be in the public consciousness.

I’m currently keeping the rent paid while figuring out what I’d like to be when I grow up.  You can learn more about me on my website: iamlaurenleonardi.com

14 thoughts on “about me”

  1. I don’t have your email but I wanted to send you this video. My brother was here this morning and he started singing eat a biscuit out of nowhere. I took a video so that I could show you. Shoot me your email and I will shoot you the video. It’s good for a laugh and a throwback

  2. Hi Lauren… Great blogs.. I found you doing some searches on the Occupy movement. I created a site called http://www.votewithyourwalletproject.com which gives you 13 specific action items that you as a 99%’er can do to support the economy (thus the purpose of the Occupy movement). Check it out and if you like it, feel free to list them on your site (just trying to spread the good word). It is along similar thinking to some of your posts, but with a different twist. Love your work !!!

  3. Hello! I chose you for the Versatile award, take a look 🙂 http://thecurvyspine.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/the-versatile-blogger/

  4. Love the BLOG you have created. Wonder if you happen to be related to a friend of ours originally from New York now living in Oregon, Rosa Leonardi?

    • Hi Erin. Just now saw this message. Sorry for the delay. I live in New York City. I’ve never been to Oregon, but I hear it’s beautiful. 🙂 My nan was called Rose, but she passed in ’96. We probably are related, though. There aren’t too many Leonardi’s in the world, and I bet we all have a common source.

  5. I’m a longtime supporter of voluntary simplicity and blogger on anti-materialist topics, so I’m a big fan of the movement. It’s the best opportunity to examine the downside of Capitalism I’ve seen in 40 years.

    I know people will be at many different points on a wide continuum between service to all / owning nothing, and unbridled avarice justified by laws and structures protected by those who benefit at the expense of many. The main thing is to understand why you are where you choose to be. Historically, societal systems of extreme disparity have always collapsed, once a tipping point is reached.

    Thanks for your resource links and thoughts, Lauren, from your newest subscriber.

  6. I stumbled upon this via the Facebook to interwebs glue of connectivity, and then proceeded to follow the rabbit hole because I immediately fell in love. I’m with you on the un married but support gay marriage (or as I like to call it, marriage) thing. My partner and I started a family and it boggles people that we don’t get married, but your commentary on why couldn’t be more astute. I agree completely with you, on everything. Ahhhhh the magic of the Internet. Thank you. Kindred spirits but worlds apart. Solidarity with #ows and peace and un married but family. Peace.

    • Thanks so much for going far enough to read that piece! I love hearing that anything I’ve written is resonating, and the more personal ones (like relationship status: other) feel extra special. Peace to you! #ows.

  7. Just read this; and recognized the signs from my building! Glad to be neighbors in solidarity.

    • Hey, kewl! Thanks for posting. What unit are you in? I’ve been wanting to coordinate something ows-related in the building, but haven’t landed on a good idea yet. If you have any, shoot them my way!

  8. Arthur Adair said:

    Incredible resource… Worth every second you put into its creation… A substantial contribution and sacrifice to the movement… Thank you thank you thank you Lauren Leonard. Keep em coming!

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