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From the latest OWS newsletter:

“Occupy Wall Street and 350.org have teamed up with recovers.org to help coordinate the response to Hurricane Sandy in NYC, launching local support pages where people can give help or post a need.

We’ve started with the Lower East Side, Astoria, and Red Hook, but we’ll soon be expanding to other affected neighborhoods as we have more volunteers to help. Check it out and please support.”

lowereastside.recovers.org(646) 580-7473
redhook.recovers.org(347) 464-9269

Visit https://redhook.recovers.org/ to help out in my neighborhood! If you’re in the area, items in need are:food, flashlights, candles, water pumps, generators, paper plates and cups, reams of paper for printing flyers. If you’re nearby and have supplies to offer, I can come pick them up from your home or office to deliver in Red Hook. Leave a comment or get in touch directly.