Hi again, readers! After some consideration, I made a decision to take the password protection off my recent post: At Risk, At Riskier. It’s still full of all the same personal, damning intel on my life. I had planned on leaving it blocked, but then I came across this image yesterday.

Slutwalk DC, 2011

A brave young girl from Slutwalk DC, 2011

It reminded me that not sharing difficult information with the world doesn’t do anyone any good. I wrote the prior post in the hope that it would travel. That it might somehow end up in front of a parent considering sending their kid away, for lack of other options, who might then reconsider. That’s too important to me to hide away information about myself (that’s maybe not even really that juicy).

Yah, I’ve been burned before by sharing too much on the internet, and sharing it on facebook. And then again. Those burns were exactly what I needed. Not speaking candidly is not what I do. And if some future prospect is marred because someone else may deem me to be too reckless, or who may question my judgment, so be it. In my life, I’ve discovered I only really want to align myself with people who view things through a certain paradigm. So here you go.

One last thought: I’d like to thank the several readers who wrote me privately to respectfully request the password to the post. Those messages contained sentiments along the line of even though they don’t know me, they’d like to read just about anything I write. And that makes me feel really, really, really good.

So I’d like to thank my thoughtful subscribers. I cherish you.

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