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Hey Readers!

My previous post, “At Risk, At Riskier”, is currently password protected. It’s a post I wrote in response to this article. My post is deeply personal (and way too long). For now, I’m only sharing it with people close to me, and people who are in some way connected with the experiences I’ve written about.

If you’re interested in reading it, and you’d like the password, comment below or shoot me an email. Hint: the people most likely to get the password already have my personal email address. 🙂

I may decide tomorrow to say aw hell with it! and just unlock it, but for now, I’m doing something I don’t typically do. I’m acting with caution, and treating the internet like the quicksand it is. Hope you won’t hold it against me.

Thank you. I love you, readers! Honest, I do!