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Get over yourselves.

For decades, our candidate choices have been “bad” or “worse”.  The people who are supposed to represent us – the people we hired by electing them – serve their special interests instead of their constituents.  They’ve failed us, and they continue to fail us.  The system that’s supposed to be a series of checks and balances, in place to give all American’s equal opportunities for dignity and justice, has failed us.  It continues to fail us.

So we’ve taken to the streets.  The bravest patriots have pitched tents and are gearing up for a winter spent in public spaces, under constant threat of violence and ridicule.  In hundreds of cities, as people carry on the ordinary business of their day, they see us.  They’re forced to drive past us on the way to work, on the way home.  We can’t be ignored, because we’re a living, breathing, visual representation that everything.  Is.  Not.  Okay.  People hate us because we’re one giant mirror, held up against a broken America, forcing us to take a good hard look at ourselves.

We’ll hold our signs and we’ll wave our flags, and we’re not going away.  But still, you’re not hearing us.  So we’ve decided to Occupy Everywhere.

We’ll occupy GOP candidates like Newt Gingrich in Boston…

We’ll mic check Michelle Bachman in South Carolina…

We’ll mic check Ron Paul in New Hampshire…

We’ll occupy the President of the United States, if we have to.  (And you know he was just waiting for it to happen.)

We’ll mic check Karl Rove in Baltimore.  He can tell us to “shut up” because that’s exactly what he does.  That’s exactly what we’ve been doing, and it’s not working for us any more.

We’ll mic check local politicians like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker…

…and government boards like the Dept. of Education, when they’re not serving our children.

We’ll occupy foreclosure auctions with song to remind the people involved that they’re committing a crime, and that there are other choices.

Yah.  We’re going to interrupt you.  We’re going to jump in, and say what we need to say for a change.  News outlets can call it “heckling” and Karl Rove can call it entitlement, and you know what?  We are entitled.  We’re entitled, as the disenfranchised and the forgotten and the royally fucked over, to say what we should have said a long time ago: We believe a better world is possible, and if you’re not going to work for it, we’ll work doubly hard.

Crooked politicians of America, broken infrastructures of America, corrupt government officials of America, you will hear us.  If you perpetrate the lie of a government that’s masquerading as something it’s not; if you engage in a charade of being by the people and for the people when you’re anything but; if you serve special interests over your average ordinary American citizen, you will be mic checked.  You will be interrupted where you stand, where you speak, where you serve.  You will hear us.



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