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** Occupy Wall Street Articles **

  • An OWS FAQ.  I don’t know exactly who’s answering the questions in this piece from Nathan Schneider, but the Q & A gives a pretty good overview.  This article was penned in the first 10 days or so of the movement.  So it’s from-the-very-beginning perspective is helpful.
  • Declaration of the Occupation of New York City.  This document was written by occupiers, and was approved by Liberty Plaza’s General Assembly at the end of September.  It’s not light reading, but it’s not too long, and it sums up the points of the movement fairly well.
  • An enjoyable piece from Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. You can skip halfway down, if you like, and begin with the FREE MONEY section, which is where Taibbi begins to outline all the ways the “game is rigged” in favor of the 1%.

** Occupy Videos ** 

  • A clip from Charlie Chaplain movie, “The Dictator”.  Some clever person took the speech from the Charlie Chaplain movie “The Great Dictator” and put some great images and background music to it.  It’s sweet and smart, and sums up the Occupy Wall Street movement for me quite nicely.  Maybe it’s the fact that a piece of fiction created in 1940 speaks so well to the reality of 2011.
  • A wonderful Naomi Klein video from Grounded TV.  She’s got great things to say about what the movement is, what it shouldn’t settle for, and what some of its challenges may be.
  • Bankers, Busts and History: A very dry, no bells and whistles, economics 102 type lesson.  It’s a powerpoint, a voice, and plenty of information that gets to the heart of how debt became more valuable than equity.

** Occupy Wall Street Websites ** 

  • We Are The 99% Tumblr.  Chances are, you’ve seen individual snapshots from this site floating around the web.  People everywhere are invited to write down why they consider themselves to be among the 99% of American’s who are fed up with the status quo, shoot a photo of themselves holding what they’ve written, and post it.
  • The Official Occupy Wall Street Website.  Full of up to date information on the movement.  It can be a little hard to navigate if you’re looking for something specific, but it’s good for an overall look at what’s going on.

** Social Media Pages, Places & Tips **

Groups / Pages to follow on Facebook

  • Occupy Wall St.
  • Occupy Together
  • I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists
  • Occupy Mainstream Media
  • Search FB for “Occupy + Your City or state”
People / Groups to Follow on Twitter
  • @OccupyTogether
  • @OccupyWallSt
  • @OccupyTheNation
  • @TheOther99%
  • @OccupyTheHood
  • @OccupyAmerica
  • @GlobalRevLive
  • Do  a search for “Occupy + your city or state”
  • Follow a bunch of cities to get news and updates when something’s going on
** Additional Reading **